October 2009

  • Integration Is a Two-Way Street

    A review of Diaspora by Design: Muslim Immigrants in Canada and Beyond, by Haideh Moghissi, Saeed Rahnema, Mark J. Goodman
  • A Millennium of Manners

    A review of Benet Davetian’s Civility: A Cultural History
  • The Personal and Political Entwined

    A review of Karen Connelly’s Burmese Lessons: A Love Story
  • Is It All Quebec’s Fault?

    A review of Brian Lee Crowley’s Fearful Symmetry: the Fall and Rise of Canada’s Founding Values
  • Ottawa, Meticulous

  • Most Wanted

    A poem.
  • Time and the Train

  • Seesaw

  • Lullaby

  • Train of Thought

    A review of Automatic World, by Struan Sinclair
  • Denial and Dignity

    A review of Tim Falconer’s That Good Night: Ethicists, Euthanasia and End-of-Life Care
  • Deromanticizing Swashbucklers

    A review of Terror on the Seas: True Tales of Modern-Day Pirates, by Daniel Sekulich
  • Thinking in Groups

    A review of How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment, by Michèle Lamont
  • Canadians in the Spotlight

    A review of Whispering Pines: The Northern Roots of American Music … From Hank Snow to The Band, by Jason Schneider
  • Vision, Reason, Commitment

    A review of Freedom from Want: The Remarkable Success Story of BRAC, the Global Grassroots Organization That’s Winning the Fight Against Poverty, by Ian Smillie

Cover and illustrations in this issue by Tom Pokinko.

Tom Pokinko is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Ottawa. His clients include the United Nations Association in Canada, Maisonneuve Magazine , The Progressive and various Canadian universities. His work can be viewed at He is also pursuing a PhD at McGill University.