November 2012

  • You Can’t Get There from Here

    A review of Power Trap: How Fear and Loathing Between New Democrats and Liberals Keep Stephen Harper in Power—and What Can Be Done About It, by Paul Adams
  • A Profitable Pen

    A review of Mr. Churchill’s Profession: The Statesman as Author and the Book That Defined the “Special Relationship,” by Peter Clarke
  • Posthumous Portraits

    A review of Working the Dead Beat: 50 Lives that Changed Canada, by Sandra Martin
  • The Houses CanLit Built

    A review of Ultra Libris: Policy, Technology and the Creative Economy of Book Publishing in Canada, by Rowland Lorimer
  • War of Words

    A review of Speaking Up: A History of Language and Politics in Canada and Quebec, by Marcel Martel and Martin Pâquet, translated by Patricia Dumas.
  • Ostrich

  • Instructions to a Speaker

    A poem
  • The Old Map

  • Skin

  • An Unerring Eye for the Ordinary

    A review of The Apple House, by Gillian Campbell.
  • Chasing History

    A review of The Magic of Saida, by M.G. Vassanji.
  • Changing Prescriptions

    A review of Chronic Condition: Why Canada’s Health Care System Needs to Be Dragged into the 21st Century, by Jeffrey Simpson.
  • A Medical Detective Story

    A review of Piecing the Puzzle: The Genesis of AIDS Research in Africa, by Larry Krotz.
  • Resource Fever

    A review of The Devil’s Curve: A Journey into Power and Profit at the Amazon’s Edge, by Arno Kopecky.

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Dave Barnes.

Dave Barnes is an illustrator and artist living on Vancouver Island. He is currently working on new pieces for a group show at MOHS exhibit in Copenhagen, a children’s book written by Feet Banks and designed by Kristen Dillon, and illustrations for Mountain Life. More of his work is available at