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Operative Words

Behind the campaign curtain

Snuffed Torch

Can the Olympic myth survive?

Lax Americana

What happens if Donald Trump returns to the White House?

Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis is a writer and historian who lives in North Vancouver. He is author of two dozen books, most recently Selling Canada: Three Propaganda Campaigns that Shaped the Nation (Stanton, Atkins & Dosil, 2011), and a columnist for Geist magazine.

Articles by
Daniel Francis

One Brief Shining Moment

The world’s fair that put Canada (fleetingly) on the map July–August 2012
Expo 67 has come down to us through the filter of nostalgia as a unique moment of national achievement. So successful was it that it appeared to change the way we Canadians thought about ourselves. We were not the boring, sober-sided backwater of a country we thought we were. Instead, the fair revealed us to be…

O Captain, My Captain

Under the shadows of Cook and Napoleon, Vancouver was a victim of bad timing. July–August 2008