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Operative Words

Behind the campaign curtain

Snuffed Torch

Can the Olympic myth survive?

Lax Americana

What happens if Donald Trump returns to the White House?

Navneet Alang

Navneet Alang is a technology and cultural journalist based in Toronto. His work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Hazlitt, New Republic and the Atlantic.

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Navneet Alang

A Doubled Apocalypse

A remote community, the end of modernity, and an unnerving, "intensely claustrophobic" novel December 2018
A sudden, sharp crack opens Waubgeshig Rice’s Moon of the Crusted Snow. It is the sound of protagonist Evan’s gun, echoing through an otherwise silent Canadian North as a moose is felled. As Evan approaches the bull, he awkwardly performs the Anishinaabe ritual of thanks, dropping tobacco in front of the carcass, an unfamiliar yet comforting…

The Post-Scarcity World

Capitalism meets its cyber-hippie match in a bountiful future that redefines class, politics and personhood itself May 2017
The end of history seems so quaint now. Put forward by Francis Fukuyama in his 1992 book, The End of History and the Last Man, the concept posited that with the fall of communism, liberal, capitalist democracy became a kind of end state for the world. It was the big-H teleological view of History espoused by…