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Trevor Herriot

Trevor Herriot, author of River in a Dry Land: A Prairie Passage (Stoddart, 2000) and Grass, Sky Song: Promise and Peril in the World of Grassland Birds (HarperCollins, 2012), will publish a new book with HarperCollins in April, 2014—The Road is How: A Prairie Pilgrimage through Nature, Desire and Soul.

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Trevor Herriot

Wild Memories

On reconnecting with the natural world December 2013
The more you read environmentally inclined literature, the less you are surprised by the details tracing the downward spiral of the planet’s ecological health. And yet the world is wide enough, nature fathomless enough that, given time to do the research, a good writer can still surprise you. J.B. MacKinnon’s The Once and Future World: Nature As It