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From the archives

The Path of Poetic Resistance

To disarm Canada and its canon

Are Interests Really Value-Free?

A salvo from the “realist” school of Canadian foreign relations

Going It Alone

The marvellous, single-minded, doggedly strange passion of citizen scientists

Back Issues

January–February 2007

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Sylvia Nickerson Since graduating from art school in 2001, Sylvia Nickerson has designed books, illustrated for magazines, tutored mathematics, worked as an arts administrator in the Canadian book publishing industry and completed a M.A. in the history of science. Her illustrations have been published in The Coast, The New Quarterly, Carousel Magazine, The Canadian Undergraduate Physics Journal, The Dominion and The Globe and Mail. To see more of her art go to

A Fascinating Snapshot

Margaret MacMillan provides another example of world diplomacy under the microscope.

Conrad Black

Challenging “Battered Woman Syndrome”

A researcher and practitioner says feminism put up a smokescreen around the problem.

Elspeth Cameron

Canada’s Kyoto Delusion

The evidence is finally forcing us to admit we have done nothing.

Mark Jaccard

Native Ingenuity

First Nations groups knew not only how to harvest but also how to plant the sea.

Christopher Arnett

Our Poorest Neighbour

Is there reason to hope for a better future for Haiti?

Barbara McDougall

Eloquent Journey

From wartime internee to creator of Ottawa’s new war museum.

Alex Bozikovic

A Punjabi Thief’s Progress

The downward spiral of a young man in the Indo-Canadian underworld.

Tomasz Mrozewski

Formidable Questions, Subtle Answers

A veteran of the Great War battles with personal ghosts and political uncertainties.

Steven Hayward

The Veteran and the Rookie

One astute political commentator observes another

Peter C. Newman

Behind Brocade Curtains

A new biography explores John A. Macdonald’s domestic world.

Mark Lovewell

The Entrepreneur from Central Casting

Finally a biographer pins down one of Canada’s richest businessmen.

Fred Langan

Canada’s Robbie Burns

Paying tribute to the creator of Sam McGee and Dan McGrew

Ken McGoogan

A Rugged Utopian

A new biography tries to save a Russian anarchist from history’s bad rap.

Ray Conlogue

The Contrary Optimist

James H. Gray painted the West in exuberant and contrasting colours.

J. E. Chamberlin