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Carbon Copy

In equal balance justly weighed

Slouching toward Democracy

Where have all the wise men gone?

By Populist Demand

When urban and rural voters went separate ways

Back Issues

October 2019

Tanya Lam Cover and spot illustrations by Tanya Lam, who has previously worked with Swerve Weekly, The Walrus, and others. She is based in Montreal.

Clickbait and Switch

Startling trends for democracy

Chris Alexander

Referendum Trudeau

He campaigned in poetry but governed in prose

Jeff Costen

Liberalism 101

Notes for a skeptical generation

Trevor Norris

Missing in Action

When people turn their backs on public office

Ron Hikel

Comedy of Errors

We deserve better political memoirs

J.D.M. Stewart

Don’t Forget

What we still get wrong about Quebec

Bruce K. Ward

No Genocide

It’s not the right word for the history books

Donald B. Smith and J.R. Miller

Yes, Genocide

Overruling tepid language

Harry S. LaForme

The Treaties

Ottawa negotiated in bad faith

Heather Menzies

Here, No Evil

Are there bad people or just bad deeds?

Joseph Heath

Deal or No Deal?

Naomi Klein makes her case

Sanket Sharma

Golden Boy

Reclaiming a sports hero

Matt Hughes

Still Missing

The whereabouts of Ambrose Small

John Lownsbrough

Left Behind

A novel look at an evangelical mission

Ayah Victoria McKhail

That Most Lonely Place

A dark and daring translation

Rose Hendrie

In the Margins

A poetic journey through cancer

Moira MacDougall