July–August 2006

  • “So Deep, So Vicious, So Brutal”

    A review of The Colour of Justice: Policing Race in Canada, by David M. Tanovich
  • Prophets of an Unknown Future

    A review of Terry Glavin’s Waiting for the Macaws and Other Stories from the Age of Extinctions and Wayne Grady’s Bringing Back the Dodo: Lessons in Natural and Unnatural History
  • TV “R” Us

    A review of Two Aspirins and a Comedy: How Television Can Enhance Health and Society, by Metta Spencer

  • Referencing Canadian Lives

    A review of Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume XV (1921–1930), edited by Ramsay Cook and Réal Bélanger
  • Publisher, Poetry Lover, Pilot

    A review of Scott Griffin’s My Heart Is Africa: A Flying Adventure
  • Living by the Polls

    A review of The Role of Public Opinion Research in Canadian Government, by Christopher Page
  • Searching for Self

    A review of Scotch River, by Linda Little, and Matters of Hart, by Marianne Ackerman
  • Nudge, Wink … and Yawn

    A review of Trudy J. Morgan-Cole’s The Violent Friendship of Esther Johnson
  • Pot Pourri

    A review of Not This Time: Canadians, Public Policy and the Marijuana Question, 1961–1975, by Marcel Martel, and Bud Inc.: Inside Canada’s Marijuana Industry, by Ian Mulgrew
  • Women and the West

    A review of Unsettled Pasts: Reconceiving the West through Women’s History, edited by Sarah Carter, Lesley Erickson, Patricia Roome and Char Smith
  • Intertwined Histories

    A review of Who Named The Knife: A Book of Murder and Memory, by Linda Spalding
  • The Forbidden Experiment

    A review of Adriana S. Benzaquén’s Encounters with Wild Children: Temptation and Disappointment in the Study of Human Nature
  • Let Me Tell You My Life

    An essay
  • The Well, Hush, Better Homes

  • Marriage Song

    A poem
  • [Untitled #1] [Untitled #2]


Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Lorenz Peter

Lorenz Peter is a comic artist living in Toronto. He has two graphic novels published by Pedlar Press and his work has appeared in numerous underground and cult magazines since 1993. Visit or contact