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The Trust Spiral

Restoring faith in the media

Dear Prudence

A life of exuberance and eccentricity

Who’s Afraid of Alice Munro?

A long-awaited biography gives the facts, but not the mystery, behind this writer’s genius

Philip Slayton

Philip Slayton’s latest book is Mighty Judgment: How the Supreme Court of Canada Runs Your Life (Allen Lane, 2011).

Articles by
Philip Slayton

Waves of Contempt

What could have been a brilliant legal critique descends into score settling January–February 2012
Twenty years ago I was a corporate lawyer on Bay Street. One of my firm’s clients was Campeau Corporation, a real estate company founded and led by the gifted and excitable Robert Campeau. Bob Campeau was a man of outsized personality and fierce temper. Campeau Corporation had borrowed a lot of money to buy two large…

Strange Bedfellows

Why does a person write a book about a judge he clearly dislikes? March 2010
Who was Ivan Rand, who was born in 1884 and died in 1969? Does anyone, apart from the legal history cognoscenti, have the foggiest idea? The lawyer and judge seems like just another bygone establishment figure who quickly faded into obscurity once dead. And yet, William Kaplan—well-known lawyer, arbitrator and author—has written a hefty biography of this historical…

George Parkin

A Maritimer who built a life on God, Oxford and empire. October 2008

North End Memories

One of Winnipeg’s great citizens recalls the social energy of earlier times. April 2008

Pot Pourri

Will the marijuana debate ever be resolved in this country? July–August 2006