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Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Clock Watching

The nuclear threat lingers still

Spending Power

Can compassion and efficiency be combined in the use of public funds?

Anna Maria Sordjan

Anna Maria Sordjan recently graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University.

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Anna Maria Sordjan

Tangled Influences

Jen Sookfong Lee can’t quit pop culture June 2023
The novelist and former CBC Radio columnist Jen Sookfong Lee once thought her love of pop culture would be a “passing phase, the sort of thing many sad teens use to distract themselves from the realities of their lives.” Now the divorced Gen-Xer from British Columbia concedes that hers is, in fact, “a forever relationship.” With Superfan — comprising eleven essays conceived as “a tribute to the longest commitment of my life”— Lee interweaves autobiographical narration with a thoughtful exploration of the ways mass entertainment shapes…