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Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Clock Watching

The nuclear threat lingers still

Spending Power

Can compassion and efficiency be combined in the use of public funds?

Bob Rae

Bob Rae was Ontario’s 21st premier and served as interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Now a lawyer and distinguished professor at the University of Toronto, he wrote the 2005 report on the Air India bombing called “Lessons to Be Learned.”

Articles by
Bob Rae

A Tragedy of Our Own

The Air India bombing and how we live with the past June 2017
Over a period of many years, the deep conflict between Sikh nationalists and the Indian government had a reverberating impact on the Sikh diaspora, notably in Canada. Sikh immigration, first to British Columbia and then to many Canadian cities, predates the First World War. The hostility to the arrival of these newcomers was spread throughout the political…