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The Melmac Years

My peculiar resin d’être

Maple Branches

Who talks of my nation?

Listening In

What recent populist victories tell us about Canada

Brian Brett

Brian Brett is the author of 13 books of poetry, fiction and memoir and a winner of numerous prizes, including the Writers’ Trust Non-Fiction prize for Trauma Farm: A Rebel History of Rural Life (Greystone, 2009). His newest memoir is the soon-to-be-released “Tuco, a life with birds.” He was there in the 1960s, and he remembers it.

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Brian Brett

Culture Clash

Draft-dodging newcomers discover a Canadian Eden. July–August 2015
It was a silent, magnificent forest, glowing in the warm Kootenays, our mountain trail occasionally allowing us to peek across Slocan Lake to what became, after an eight-year battle, the Valhalla Wilderness Park. I no longer remember the name of my mountain trail companion that day, an actor I met through the New Denver poet Diana Hartog—an intrepid writer who built her own house close to the…