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Carbon Copy

In equal balance justly weighed

Slouching toward Democracy

Where have all the wise men gone?

By Populist Demand

When urban and rural voters went separate ways

Brian Gable

Brian Gable has worked as an editorial cartoonist for The Globe and Mail since 1987 and lives in Toronto. He appeared in conversation with David Levine at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto on September 25, 2008.

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Brian Gable

A Steady Eye

David Levine has captured the artistic and political greats of his era with nothing but a pencil September 2008
Degas: ballerina. Monet: landscape. Lucien Freud: nude. One of the measures of a great artist’s legacy is that the very mention of his or her name conjures a strong visual image. In the realm of the graphic arts the name David Levine evokes caricature in precisely the same way. Since the early 1960s David Levine has been rendering his extraordinary pen portraits of literary and historical luminaries in the pages of the New York Review of Books as well as in Time