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Behind the campaign curtain

Snuffed Torch

Can the Olympic myth survive?

Lax Americana

What happens if Donald Trump returns to the White House?

Bryan D. Palmer

Bryan D. Palmer, long associated with the journal Labour/Le Travail and chair of the Canadian Studies Department at Trent University, is author or editor of 20 books on working class history and related subjects. His most recent, Toronto’s Poor: A Rebellious History, co-authored with Gaetan Heroux, will be published by Between the Lines in 2016.

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Bryan D. Palmer

Fighting the Klan

Exploring a little-known episode in Canadian labour history. April 2016
Princeton, 1932 to 1933. The Ku Klux Klan torches a sinister cross; local vigilantes kidnap a labour organizer; the town seethes with sensationalist attack on Soviet-inspired Reds. This is not Woodrow Wilson’s Princeton; these are not United States happenings. Rather, this all takes place in an industrial hamlet in southern British Columbia’s Similkameen Valley, site of a number of bitter strikes by the Mine Workers Union of…