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Brian Mulroney abroad and at home

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Carol Bruneau

Carol Bruneau is the Halifax-based author of two collections of short stories and three novels, the most recent of which is Glass voices. She teaches writing at NSCAD University.

Articles by
Carol Bruneau

Descent into Hell

What if a major quake hit British Columbia? March 2012
Imagine—science was right: the Big One hits the West Coast, decimating Victoria. Anarchy rules. Most of the population is buried alive or burned in the inferno from ruptured gas lines; no organized aid groups or military arrive to unearth survivors or dispose of bodies. A tilting Empress Hotel is the last vestige of civility as media vultures hover seeking “prey” to amuse a…

Demons and Deities

A mythic novel explores the extremes we go to when a child dies. July–August 2008