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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor is the editor of Five Dials magazine and author of Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now.

Articles by
Craig Taylor

Mercury Rising

When it comes to climate change, Canada’s all talk January | February 2020
Fortitude is necessary if you’re looking to read today’s climate change books, as they come with such titles as The Uninhabitable Earth, The Plundered Planet, The Super-Fucked World, and The Weather Is Coming to Kill You. (The first couple are real; the other two…

Moai in a Bottle

A fantastic voyage revisited July | August 2019
Fans of the recent HBO series Chernobyl might find time to dig into the bonus commentary and discover that the character played by Emily Watson is, in fact, a composite of dozens of Russian scientists. Such are the benefits of fiction when recounting scientific achievement. In her ambitious non-­fiction exploration of the 1964–65 Canadian-­led expedition to Easter…