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Brian Mulroney abroad and at home

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Crystal Hurdle

Crystal Hurdle’s most recent book, Teacher’s Pets, a novel in verse for young adults, was published by Tightrope Books in 2014. She teaches English and creative writing at Capilano University in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and is a former fiction editor of The Capilano Review.

Articles by
Crystal Hurdle

  his golden hairs sit befurred by sweet goodness on my fingertips   water pools gently on the small crab’s pincers on collective toes   soft honey swells moans brisk agitation now now now go slow flow no no   [clever girl clever rich vocabulary deep and long evocative, yes!]   as beautiful as August’s meteor…

Allergic: White Spot

December 2013
  The waitress hands me bulky binder Pages upon pages of product Big black dots for ·   dairy ·   soy ·   egg ·   corn ·   wheat Salmon burger ·   no Veggie patty ·   no Even pie the stalwart standby ·   no Resign myself to onion rings without the secret sauce and clam chowder For me each laminated page slashed by a big…

Wee Tea

November 2011
  the “wee tea” a child’s sampler urge the fractious toddler to “just have a taste” nursery food on a plate rectangle triangle circle cubed, it’s a geometry lesson   dowager eats a cucumber sandwich sixth half-circle and square in the gullet mini-scone with chicken and apple dissect, bite, wait bite bite bite each barely enough to taste she argues the garnish into an entree a piece of…