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The Other Side of “Irish Eyes”

Brian Mulroney abroad and at home

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Memories from the PMO

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Two political memoirs

Emily Urquhart

Emily Urquhart wrote The Age of Creativity: Art, Memory, My Father, and Me.

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Emily Urquhart

In the Telling

The voices in our heads September 2021
There is a bend in Galt, Ontario, that I think of as Olive Kitteridge Corner. As I turn the wheel of my car, I’m always reminded of the moment in Elizabeth Strout’s novel when Olive steals a shoe from her miserable daughter-in-law’s closet, knowing that the search for the misplaced loafer will drive the woman…

The Horizons Beyond

Living with albinism in a dark world May 2019
From nearly every vantage in Lisbon, you can see water. If you can’t see the ocean, you can smell its brine or hear it in the cries of seagulls overhead. It is a city steep with hills, and these can be exhausting if you have your two small children in tow, as I did when visiting Portugal this…