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Graeme Young

Graeme Young is a research fellow at the University of Glasgow.

Articles by
Graeme Young

This Dear Green Place

Our latest last best hope January | February 2022
Oh, would some Power the gift give usTo see ourselves as others see us! — Robert Burns When you walk out of the Scottish Event Campus and travel west down the Clyde toward the Atlantic Ocean, passing the sleek menagerie of Glasgow’s revitalized waterfront and the fading remnants of the industry and empire and desolation that followed in their…

Peace Out

Our diminished role in keeping the world safe January | February 2020
Lester B. Pearson, in his 1957 Nobel Lecture, declared, “While we all pray for peace, we do not always, as free citizens, support the policies that make for peace or reject those which do not. We want our own kind of peace, brought about in our own way.” The previous day, Pearson had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his pivotal role in resolving the Suez Crisis of…