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John Bell

John Bell is the director of the Middle East and Mediterranean Programme at the Toledo International Centre for Peace in Madrid. He has led many track two initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa, and is a co-founder of the Jerusalem Old City Initiative (based at the University of Windsor).

Articles by
John Bell

Plainclothes Diplomats

Inside the practices of track two diplomacy June 2016
Peter Jones has written an interesting book on a subject most people do not know even exists. Jones is well placed to have done so, putting together Track Two Diplomacy in Theory and Practice after decades of work in the Middle East, South Asia and elsewhere, as well as an accompanying academic career teaching and researching on the…

Up in the Air

Diplomatic thinkers seem oddly hesitant about Canada’s role in a wired world January–February 2012
Diplomacy in the Digital Age: Essays in Honour of Ambassador Allan Gotlieb is a pleasant sojourn through the fine minds of 18 Canadians well versed in diplomacy and the international quandaries facing our country today. It is a series of eclectic essays, edited by Janice Gross Stein, with gems of insight that crystallize some of the dilemmas of our increasingly complex…