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In equal balance justly weighed

Slouching toward Democracy

Where have all the wise men gone?

By Populist Demand

When urban and rural voters went separate ways

John D. Whyte

John D. Whyte is a professor of law emeritus at Queen’s University and is a policy fellow at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School at the University of Regina. He was Saskatchewan’s director of constitutional law from 1979 to 1982.

Articles by
John D. Whyte

Patriation Myth

It took more than Trudeau’s vision to bring the constitution home May 2013
In 1953, Barry Strayer, a University of Saskatchewan law student, was in London on his way to a student seminar in India. He witnessed Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and marvelled at its power and pageantry, reflecting not just royalty but a vast and diverse empire—an empire crumbling yet still grand. Nearly 30 years later, on a wet and dismal…

Copping to It

In their treatment of First Nations, do the police reflect their own culture or broader Canadian social values? July–August 2012