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Brian Mulroney abroad and at home

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Julie McGonegal

Julie McGonegal is the author of Imagining Justice: The Politics of Postcolonial Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

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Julie McGonegal

Beyond the City Limits

Diversity and rural Canada July | August 2023
Since starting high school in our small township flanking the agricultural countryside outside of Guelph, Ontario, my daughter has remarked more than once on the copiously white student body. While she’s amused by events like “Take Your Tractor to School Day,” she’s also aghast that there are only a smattering of students of colour, and she occasionally wonders aloud how it feels to be one of the two or three Black teenagers in the entire…

Riding the Waves

Where should women march next? May 2021
As I write these words, it seems yet another wave of the pandemic is upon us. My three children are working in adjoining rooms, peering at screens, as we all navigate the strange world of online schooling. Every now and then, someone will holler for help, and I’ll put the task of composing aside to rummage through drawers for art supplies or to field another question about long…