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Can the Olympic myth survive?

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What happens if Donald Trump returns to the White House?

Keith Ambachtsheer

Keith Ambachtsheer is Adjunct Professor of Finance and Director of the International Centre for Pension Management at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He is also President of KPA Advisory Services Ltd., a strategic advisor to many of the world’s largest pension plans.

Articles by
Keith Ambachtsheer

Duelling Pension Manifestos

Should workers have a say in where their money goes? July–August 2005
Critics agree that when Marx and Engel finished penning their Communist Manifesto in January of 1848, they had written one of the greatest masterpieces of sociopolitico- economic writing of all time. The authors’ success was based on carefully following a four-part formula for writing a good manifesto. First, they addressed a burning issue (the dreadful mid 19th-century working conditions of the…