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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Kenton Smith

Kenton Smith is a freelance writer and arts and culture critic whose writing on comics has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Quill and Quire, the Winnipeg Free Press and Canadian Art. He has also written for Broken Pencil magazine and

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Kenton Smith

Dip ’n’ Dunk

An award-winning graphic novel celebrates chemical photobooths and their legacy November 2015
Among the most maddening contemporary conceits is the near-slavish acceptance of technological “progress.” This despite the many comparative shortcomings of electronic books, MP3s’ clear sonic inferiority to LPs, and, as Canadian artist and writer Meags Fitzgerald points out in her debut graphic novel, Photobooth: A Biography, the fact that digital photobooths lack the most appealing features of “dip ’n’ dunk” chemical development booths that they have almost entirely…

Den of Religiosity

A visiting cartoonist views Jerusalem with curious eyes May 2013
“So we’re in Israel, right?” asks Canadian cartoonist Guy Delisle in Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City, in reference to the East Jerusalem neighbourhood in which he and his wife—an administrator with Médecins Sans Frontières—stayed for twelve months beginning in 2008. “Well, it depends,” replies an MSF staffer. Israel annexed East Jerusalem in…