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Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

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Profiles in gay life

Kwame McKenzie

Kwame McKenzie is the medical director at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and a professor at the University of Toronto.

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Kwame McKenzie

Talk Therapy

A memoir of psychoanalysis reveals its transformative power. May 2015
Barbara Taylor’s new book highlights a very personal inner journey. It is about how a person can move from dreaming about her therapy session like this: I arrive at my session fit to be tied, as the saying goes. I lower myself on to the couch and go very still. Then I hurl into action. I throw myself at V [her…

The Science of Science

How do we know whether medical research really pays off? June 2014
Twice a year I take one for the team: I review grant proposals for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canada’s federal health research fund. It takes a week: five days to perform detailed assessments of research proposals followed by a gruelling two days during which I, and a group of other researchers, decide which studies we should recommend for…

Healing Troubled Minds

Can history tell us if we are on the right track? March 2012
Senator Michael Kirby’s Senate committee’s call to bring discussion about mental illness out of the shadows at last seems to have some legs. People are talking, writing and, increasingly, making movies about mental illness. Since the 2006 Senate committee report, Canadian money has gone into Frankie & Alice, a drama about dissociative disorders starring Halle…