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The Melmac Years

My peculiar resin d’être

Maple Branches

Who talks of my nation?

Listening In

What recent populist victories tell us about Canada

Liz Harmer

Liz Harmer is a National Magazine Award–winning author whose work has appeared in The New Quarterly, The Malahat Review, PRISM and others. Her debut novel, The Amateurs, is forthcoming with Knopf Canada in 2018.

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Liz Harmer

Meanwhile, in Another Part of the Story

Digressions, odd patterns and puns animate Emma Richler’s oddball novel January 2017
Some novels are likely to be better on a second reading. Novels like Michael Ondaajte’s In the Skin of a Lion, in which style and detail are more central than plot, reward rereadings, and I suspect the same is true of Emma Richler’s strange new novel. An otherwise heartbreaking love story, Be My Wolff keeps the reader at a distance through its…