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Margaret-Ann Fitzpatrick-Hanly

Margaret-Ann Fitzpatrick-Hanly is a Toronto psychoanalyst and critic who has written on narrative, Keats, Brontë, Austen and Alice Munro.

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Margaret-Ann Fitzpatrick-Hanly

The View from Alice Munro

With canny lies and family truths, a fiction writer mines her own life April 2007
Is Alice Munro more of an autobiographer in The View from Castle Rock than in her other books? Is she more self-revealing about her own passion, domesticity, envy, aging, literary ambition, her approach to death or anxiety, or to the transferences of feelings as a four-year-old onto “current” experiences used in the “stories”? Munro certainly plays throughout the book with references to James Hogg’s Confessions of a Justified