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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Marianne Ackerman

Marianne Ackerman has written many books and plays, including Triplex Nervosa, a trilogy.

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Marianne Ackerman

Project Management

Somewhere over the Mountain May 2022
Snaring Daniel Sanger’s attention requires comfortable boots, as his preferred hangout is ambulatory: the streets of Plateau-Mont-Royal, a densely populated stretch of century-old row houses three kilometres north of downtown Montreal. A storied immigrant quarter, now largely gentrified, the Plateau’s mix of music, gaming, and tech has made it one of North America’s hippest ­neighbourhoods. Saving the City offers both an insider account of how the area is gaining international recognition as a leader in urban redesign and a ­compelling primer on the inner workings of…

Stage Management

Fourteen fixes for a broken theatre January | February 2021
In every theatre maker’s dream, the pandemic ends, the doors are flung open, and the patrons rush in, hungry for the visceral thrill of live performance. As the house lights dim, an actor speaks, and an ancient art form with a long history of reinvention enters a new golden age. There’s a nightmare version too: After months of…