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Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Clock Watching

The nuclear threat lingers still

Spending Power

Can compassion and efficiency be combined in the use of public funds?

Marty Gervais

Marty Gervais is a writer, publisher and former newspaper columnist whose journalism, including his writings from Iraq, has won him honours. His most successful book was The Rumrunners: A Prohibition Scrapbook (revised and reissued by Biblioasis, 2009). Gervais is a recipient of the Harbourfront Festival Prize and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.

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Marty Gervais

Tour Talk

One of Canada’s best-known literary editors takes us on the road. December 2015
Douglas Gibson has that insatiable desire to share with the world the things that occur to him. It may begin with a simple, quirky remark from a writer that has left him amused for days on end, or something that has gone awry with his own travels across the country that has caused him to be downright…