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Megan Kuklis

Megan Kuklis lives and reads in Prince George, British Columbia.

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Megan Kuklis

Nerve Endings

An unsettling presence in Lynn Coady’s latest January | February 2020
There is a trend in Canadian ­literature for novels to have at least one dead parent, a family secret or an incestuous relationship, and a moody undertone — bonus points for a harsh coastal setting. Lynn Coady’s latest novel, Watching You without Me, takes the expected CanLit gloom and gives it a new…


Travels with an order of Timbits June 2019
There is always one person at a party who can tell a good story. Maybe she starts slowly, setting the stage with some ridiculous coincidences, until a crowd inevitably gathers and hangs off her every word. The excitement builds, along with the increasingly absurd encounters, until, finally, the adventures are just too much to believe. But everyone thoroughly enjoys the journey and no longer cares if the story’s true or…