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The Trust Spiral

Restoring faith in the media

Dear Prudence

A life of exuberance and eccentricity

Who’s Afraid of Alice Munro?

A long-awaited biography gives the facts, but not the mystery, behind this writer’s genius

Michael Adams

Michael Adams is the president of the Environics group of companies, which he co-founded in 1970. He is the author of six books, most recently Unlikely Utopia: The Surprising Triumph of Canadian Pluralism (Penguin Canada (2008).

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Michael Adams

Listening In

What recent populist victories tell us about Canada June 2015
Societies have conversations with themselves. Sometimes these conversations are so noisy that everyone is forced to pay attention. In Canada, our noisiest conversations since World War Two have been Quebec sovereignty and the War Measures Act. Those two would have been hard to miss. Sometimes, however, a conversation begins in one part of society without others…

Is Canada Anti-American?

This book says yes; our reviewer says only partly July–August 2008
Anyone interested in Canada and the United States should buy and read American Myths: What Canadians Think They Know about the United States. Editor Rudyard Griffiths, the co-founder and outgoing executive director of the Dominion Institute, has assembled a volume that is both meaty and readable, containing a number of strong essays by important…