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Nachman Ben-Yehuda

Nachman Ben-Yehuda is a sociologist at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he is the director of the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies. He has written books on political assassinations in Israel, the Masada myth, betrayal and treason. His most recent book, Theocratic Democracy: The Social Construction of Religious and Secular Extremism (Oxford University Press, 2010), focuses on the secular-religious conflict in Israel.

Articles by
Nachman Ben-Yehuda

Memoir as Utopia

From personal recollections to the dream of a secular Israeli commonwealth December 2011
Memoir has existed for more than a millennium and a half—Augustine completed his Confessions at around 400 AD—but during the past two or three decades, the number of titles has exploded and, in its present form, the genre is distinctly different from what is generally referred to as autobiography. While numerous talented memoirists have produced masterpieces of the…