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The Melmac Years

My peculiar resin d’être

Maple Branches

Who talks of my nation?

Listening In

What recent populist victories tell us about Canada

Nancy Macdonald

Nancy Macdonald is a reporter with the Globe and Mail. She is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. On a whale-watching trip three days after she wrote this review, she saw a killer whale surface from beneath the boat; it was Tahlequah, with her son.

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Nancy Macdonald

On looking, and love

Did captivity save the killer whale? October 2018
For seventeen days this summer a killer whale known as Tahlequah carried the body of her dead calf through the steel-blue Pacific waters of the Salish Sea, the shared, coastal waters off British Columbia and Washington state. She nosed her baby above the chop, sometimes gently mouthing her flipper, diving deep to retrieve her whenever she lost her…

Should Fort Mac Still Exist?

In the fury of rebuilding after the fire, few are asking more fundamental questions about a struggling northern boomtown December 2016
As a reporter covering the Fort McMurray wildfire—“The Beast,” as it would come to be known—I met dozens of people fleeing the disaster, each with a heart-­rending story. A soft-spoken young dad, an immigrant from the Philippines, had doused his boys’ heads with water and begged for Jesus in Tagalog as ten-metre walls of flames licked at their…