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Nick Mount

Nick Mount is a professor of English at the University of Toronto.

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Nick Mount

Frye and McLuhan

Same place. Same time. Different minds July–August 2014
Northrop Frye started teaching at Victoria College in September of 1939, just as Marshall McLuhan began his PhD in England. Frye had studied for the church and worked as a student minister. But he hated theology and could not talk with people, so he quit preaching for another pulpit, one from which he could invent his own theology and do more writing than…

Memoirs of a Publishing Pimp

A guru of CanLitCrit bares almost but not quite all September 2006
One afternoon not so long ago, a senior professor at a major Canadian university joined an internet chat room under the name of Lamp Man, a 23-year-old, single, athletically inclined student. The professor was excited by the anonymity of this brave new world, not to mention the sexual interest of the twenty-somethings attracted to his stolen…