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Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Clock Watching

The nuclear threat lingers still

Spending Power

Can compassion and efficiency be combined in the use of public funds?

Peter Ladner

Peter Ladner is the author of The Urban Food Revolution: Changing the Way We Feed Cities. He is a fellow at the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and a former Vancouver city councillor and business owner.

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Peter Ladner

A Right to Healthy Eating

The community roots of a food warrior’s national campaign June 2013
If you search for “food” and “revolution” on, eight titles will pop up—not including diet books. Include the search words “movement” and “food” and another ten show titles up. The world is alive with eagerness to change our imperilled food systems. Joining these new books is Nick Saul and Andrea Curtis’s inspirational saga of growing The…