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Untying the Knot

A new book untangles historical confusion and contemporary anxieties about marriage

Thou Art Anxious

Decisions, decisions

Keep in Touch

Why digital connections can’t sustain health, happiness or politics

Peter Milliken

Peter Milliken is a fellow of the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University; senior advisor at Cunningham, Swan, Carty, Little and Bonham; and former speaker of the House of Commons of Canada.

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Peter Milliken

A Silver-Tongued Orator

Independent thinking and a quick wit marked Forsey as unique June 2012
Helen Forsey’s book about her father, Eugene, is a wonderful piece of writing. One would expect a biography from reading the title, Eugene Forsey: Canada’s Maverick Sage. But instead, after an introductory section that quickly condenses his jam-packed curriculum vitae, one reads chapters that describe various aspects of Forsey’s life, from his support for his family to his interests in several political parties and his passions for many policy initiatives that he made part of his political life…