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NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Ronald Rudin

Ronald Rudin is a professor of history at Concordia University and author of two books touching on the memory of Champlain: Found Fathers: Champlain and Laval in the Streets of Quebec (University of Toronto Press, 2003) and Remembering and Forgetting in Acadie: A Historian’s Journey through Public Memory (University of Toronto Press, 2009).

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Ronald Rudin

A Very American Champlain

A U.S. historian provides quite a new take on Canada’s “founding father” April 2009
Having already taken on such larger-than-life figures as Paul Revere and George Washington, the American historian David Hackett Fischer decided—in a sense—to cross the border to look at a Canadian icon, Samuel de Champlain. There was, of course, no border in Champlain’s time, and in fact Champlain’s wide-ranging exploration of North America took him to both sides of the line that would subsequently be…