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Russell Thornton

Russell Thornton’s The Hundred Lives (Quattro Books, 2014) was shortlisted for the Griffin Prize. His Birds, Metals, Stones & Rain (Harbour Publishing, 2013) was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award. A new book, The Broken Face, is due out in 2018. He lives in North Vancouver. He is currently reading The Heavy Bear by Tim Bowling and Vancouver poet Rodney DeCroo’s new collection, Next Door to the Butcher Shop.

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Russell Thornton


January–February 2012
Don’t kill me, father! — Euripides, Herakles   Freshly cut, it is bluish white. It tarnishes in the moistness of air to grey. The grey allows the black to show through. The first dose drowns the original anger in bright bliss. The next doses take the anger, hide it, increase it, make it indistinguishable from what is now the…