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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Sid Marty

Alberta writer Sid Marty is a former member of the Banff National Park Warden Service and the author of A Grand and Fabulous Notion: The First Century of Canada’s Parks (NC Press, 1984). His most recent nonfiction work is The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek (McClelland and Stewart, 2008).

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Sid Marty

Water Water Everywhere

In the wake of the Alberta floods, a much-needed history lesson September 2013
Most park supporters in Canada are aware of the double-edged sword of access and damage accruing to highway and railroad development in our first and most famous national park. Some of my own generation, however, might be startled by Christopher Armstrong and H.V. Nelles’s reminder in Wilderness and Waterpower: How Banff National Park Became a Hydro-Electric Storage Reservoir that the production of hydroelectricity “was as much a factor in the history of Banff National Park as was the CPR.” If we are blasé about dams and reservoirs in Banff and region…

Hiyo, Flicka!

A canter through equine history with a rancher’s grandson. May 2007