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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Steve Hewitt

Steve Hewitt is senior lecturer in American and Canadian Studies at the University of Birmingham. His most recent book is Snitch! A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer (Continuum, 2010).

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Steve Hewitt

Under Unblinking Eyes

Despite public faith in expanding camera surveillance, there is no clear evidence it makes us safer July–August 2012
In my mail on a day in May 2011 was a single-page flyer from the West Midlands Police, the city force of the United Kingdom’s second largest city, Birmingham. It announced that “overt” cameras on my street were going to be removed in the coming weeks. “Covert” cameras, reassured the flyer, had already been taken…

The Spectre of Bolshevism

Even as the First World War ended, Canada’s establishment cracked down hard at home. May 2011
William Thomas White is a little-remembered figure from Canadian history. A senior Cabinet minister in the government of Prime Minister Robert Borden, he found himself with a taste of real power in 1919 while Borden, in the pre-flight era, spent five months in Europe for the Versailles peace conference. Focused on finding a lasting peace for the post-war…