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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos is a professor of political science at the University of Toronto Scarborough and the School of Public Policy and Governance. He is the author of Becoming Multicultural: Immigration and the Politics of Membership in Canada and Germany (University of British Columbia Press, 2012).

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Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Seeds of Hate

Tracing tyranny back to medieval Spain. September 2015
Author of several influential works on prejudice and human rights, Erna Paris has republished her 1995 book, The End of Days: A Story of Tolerance, Tyranny and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain, rightfully convinced that its focus on the fragility of pluralism in multi-ethnic societies remains a resonant theme. From Tolerance to Tyranny: A Cautionary Tale from Fifteenth Century Spain has two…

Our Muslim Citizens

Are they any different from previous waves of Catholics or Jews? December 2012
The title of Doug Saunders’s book, The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West?, captures the two arguments at its core. First, claims that Muslim immigrants constitute an overpowering tide that threatens to wash away liberal-democratic standards and otherwise imperil western civilization are demonstrably false and therefore constitute a “myth.”…