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The Trust Spiral

Restoring faith in the media

Dear Prudence

A life of exuberance and eccentricity

Who’s Afraid of Alice Munro?

A long-awaited biography gives the facts, but not the mystery, behind this writer’s genius

Trina McQueen

Trina McQueen, a broadcaster and journalist, sits on the boards of the Canadian Opera Company, McClelland and Stewart and the Banff Centre for the Arts. She has served on numerous other cultural boards, including Canadian Stage, the CBC and the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards.

Articles by
Trina McQueen

Cinderella City

How Hogtown transformed itself into one of the world’s great cultural capitals October 2010
It is a spring Saturday night in Toronto. Municipal tulips glow under the lights of University Avenue. Bouncers are putting on their size 50 jackets, ready for their shifts in the Entertainment District. Fashionistas huddle in cashmere shawls at Yorkville’s Hazelton Hotel sidewalk café. Everyone on the Queen streetcar is using a smartphone. And in the Air Canada…

Witty and Wise

A great Canadian journalist leaves a lasting legacy December 2008
Her writing was gorgeous, and so was she. Her words came, not trippingly, but precisely. Clear, fresh; on the rocks with a twist. She liked to set the scene in a first paragraph, and she could put you exactly where she wanted you to be. Here she is musing on style and class in the Toronto of 1971: One day last…

A Window or a Mirror?

A new book produces startling ideas about the future of Canadian television May 2007
If you’re a television person, like me, your curse is to look at everything in life as a possible TV show. Let’s take the authors of Canadian Television Today. Could they be a show? They’re young, they’re gorgeous, they live in Calgary. Excellent start—another great Canadian regional sitcom! Okay, but they’re academics specializing in communication…