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Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

The Melmac Years

My peculiar resin d’être

Vera Tarman

Vera Tarman has worked in the field of addiction medicine since 1994. She is currently the medical director at Renascent, a rehab centre for drug and alcohol addiction in Toronto. She hosts a local TV program on addiction and has spoken extensively on the subject. She is the author of Food Junkies: The Truth about Food Addiction (Dundurn Press, 2014).

Articles by
Vera Tarman

Brain Trap

A new look at the causes of addiction by a noted neuroscientist April 2016
People who suddenly find themselves in a burning building rarely stop, in that moment, to determine the source of the inferno threatening them. Nor do they pause to contemplate the chemistry of combustion as walls, ceilings, floors and various substances about them combine with oxygen to create light, heat and smoke. Instead, they focus on getting out of the…