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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Yuen Pau Woo

Yuen Pau Woo represents British Columbia as an independent senator. He is a member of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

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Yuen Pau Woo

Hollowed Halls

What ails the study of foreign policy? April 2022
The study of Canadian foreign policy is in disarray. That is pretty much the conclusion Brian Bow and Andrea Lane reach in Canadian Foreign Policy: Reflections on a Field in Transition, their edited volume on what they describe as an academic discipline — known by the initials CFP — that has “been crumbling for twenty years or more but manages to survive in some form.” It may well be that the practice of Canadian foreign policy is also in…

Decline of the Downtown Elite?

Canada’s old leaders lost power by ignoring new realities, argues this lively polemic May 2013
Fortune favours those who recognize major shifts in society ahead of others and act on them. No wonder there is an army of pundits and prognosticators who promote their version of the next big thing. The stakes can be very high. In Canada, we have only to think of Blackberry underestimating the importance of consumer applications for…