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Operative Words

Behind the campaign curtain

Snuffed Torch

Can the Olympic myth survive?

Lax Americana

What happens if Donald Trump returns to the White House?

Back Issues

December 2004

Andrew Stevenson Andrew Stevenson is a young South African studying illustration at Sheridan College, who also serves as pencil monkey/graphic designer to whoever needs his talents. His portfolio can be seen at <>.

Surviving Survivalism

Canada has moved into a new kind of sovereignty; less fretful, more laid-back

Richard Gwyn

Still a Mystery

An encyclopedic look at works inspired by Tom Thomson's life leaves the artist tantalizingly ambiguous.

David P. Silcox

Oil Men or Straw Men?

Our reviewer finds accusations against Bush, Cheney and American SUV-drivers misplaced.

Alan M. Rugman

Growing Up Communist

A political thinker recalls his unsettling Toronto upbringing in a Stalinist home.

Mel Watkins

The "Mindbomb" That Was Greenpeace

Did the 1970s ecological firebrand really make a difference?

Alanna Mitchell

The Traps of Progress

How many dead ends must we hit before we find our way to the future?

Salem Alaton

Old-Fashioned Fusion Fiction

A First Nations writer blends novelistic and storytelling techniques.

Drew Hayden Taylor

The Yank's Progress

A vibrant tale follows the journey of a U.S. artist from New York to Newfoundland.

Mark Anthony Jarman

Re-Inventing Foreign Policy

A "Model Citizen" concept for Canada may not work.

Reed Scowen

Business on the Rocks

The Bronfman billions come down hard in Hollywood.

Peter Hadekel

Bad-Guy History

Two new books reflect our ambivalence about our own imperial past.

Mark F. Proudman