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Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

A Larger Role for Unions

Organized labour may be shrinking but the rhetoric is still upbeat

This United League

Will not die, will not perish

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December 2014

Tyler Klein Longmire Tyler Klein Longmire is an animator, designer, illustrator and theatre maker in Calgary, Alberta. He is a founding member of the experimental performance collective Humble Wonder and the production coordinator at the Quickdraw Animation Society, an artist-run centre for independent animators. For more, visit

Reforging Ontario

Given manufacturing’s collapse, can the province spark an economic renaissance?

Mike Moffatt

Choosing Disobedience

The Nazi who saved Paris, and other Germans who defied Hitler

Erna Paris

Copyright Is Everywhere

The worldwide battle over sharing and copying is just heating up

Simon Doyle

To the Letter

A poet’s clever profiles of some very familiar friends

Warren Clements

Catching the World’s Attention

How much can newspaper coverage do to prevent atrocity?

Beth Haddon

Privacy: So Passé

The myriad eyes—public and private—monitoring our lives

Richard Smith

Secret History

A new novel follows two brothers’ flight from post-Holocaust Budapest

Cathy Stonehouse

Of Insects, Tech and Cannibals

David Cronenberg’s cinematic obsessions, explored between the covers

Lesley Krueger

The Allure of Bias

How Quebec students view the province’s turbulent past

Ray Conlogue

Eggs Bourgeois

The brunching class’s political delusions—and potential

Cynthia Wine

Analysis vs. Polemic

A scholarly defence of Canada’s human rights regime

Mark J. Freiman

Dry Times

Recalling failed Canadian attempts to outlaw booze

Christine Sismondo

The Empathy Gap

Drawing attention to low-paid work’s invisible ills

Stephen Bornstein

A Mighty Project Reinterpreted

Intriguing reasons why the Seaway is not all it was cracked up to be

Drew Fagan