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From the archives

Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

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July–August 2018

Illustrators Cover art by Caitlyn Murphy. Murphy has shown her work in solo and group shows across North America. She was artist-in-residence at Bonnie McComb Kreye in British Columbia. She lives in Toronto. Inside illustrations by Tallulah Fontaine. Fontaine is an illustrator from Edmonton, Alberta. Her work has appeared in The Walrus, Teen Vogue, Vice, and more.

“There’s No Plan B”

Chris Hedges, Charles Foran, and the Collapse of America

Autofiction Grows Up, a Little

Heti, Knausgaard, and what it takes to turn the real into the true

Emily M. Keeler

Anti-Appropriation’s Capitalist Logic

Does a stay-in-your-lane approach really benefit traditionally oppressed cultures?

Andy Lamey

‘We’re not in Munro country anymore’

Short fiction, genre, and the New Weird

Alex Good

Plain language

The first murmurs of a constitutional debate that lasted three decades

Graham Fraser

The Great Administrator

Can America’s least loved president be rehabilitated?

Christopher Moore


The searing vision of Rebecca Belmore

Sarah Milroy

Shelf Actualization

The magnificent futility of literary hoarding

Dana Hansen

We Barely Have Paris

A beloved author tries out a beloved cliché

Anne Kingston

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Carleigh Baker

Field of vision

Space, time, and the marriage continuum

Sarah Weinman

God and monsters

The unbearable brightness of Stephen King

Adam Nayman

Yesterday’s buried garbage

A story of Toronto told by its ruins

Allan Levine

Disaster prone

Life on the brink, from Tambora to now

Neil Surkan