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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

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June 2005

Kevin Sylvester Kevin Sylvester is an author and illustrator who lives in Toronto. He also does the sports for CBC Radio. His new book, Sports Hall of Weird, is available everywhere. His first book, the political spoof Shadrin Has Scored for Russia, is available by e-mailing him at <>.

Building a Stronger World

Big players like the World Bank and small players like local cooperatives are both essential.

David Crane

Literary Soulmates

Our reviewer finds the pairing of a Victorian novelist and a Canadian scholar a perfect match.

Keith Wilson

Substance over Sex Appeal

This year's Donner Prize winner tackles an unglamorous but important topic.

Mark Lovewell

A Master Thinker's Thoughts

A disciple of the Canadian Catholic philosopher Bernard Lonergan takes on assisted suicide.

Ronald de Sousa

Cree Heroes in a European War

A searing novel shows how World War I treated a pair of gifted Native Canadian snipers.

Keith Oatley

Wartime Memories Sans Clichés

A neuroscientist's journey into his own disturbing past.

David Macfarlane

Canada and Africa

Does a commitment exist that can outlast the moveable G8 agenda?

Timothy M. Shaw

Tea and Hypocrisy

How Canadian do-gooders used the Great War to teach their poor fellow citizens some lessons.

Suanne Kelman

The Upcoming Copyright Clash

A legal scholar argues for public use over private interest in Canadian policy.

Michael Geist

Many More Trudeaus

A womanizer, a saint, a divider, a unifier, an enigma.

Anthony Westell

Comparing Constitutions

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

Kent Roach