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From the archives

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

A Larger Role for Unions

Organized labour may be shrinking but the rhetoric is still upbeat

This United League

Will not die, will not perish

Back Issues

October 2007

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Dirk Van Stralen Dirk Van Stralen is a graphic designer, illustrator and award-winning cartoonist from Vancouver. His single panel cartoon, Vanstralen, ran in the Georgia Straight for 17 years. A second wordless kids book, Ben’s Bunny Trouble, has recently been released by Orca Book Publishers. When not doodling, Dirk works as a theatre actor and director.

Fantasy Foreign Policy

A new book on Canada in the world is deemed more therapeutic than realistic

Ezra Levant

Canada’s Candide

While Calgary wants to govern, Vancouver cultivates its garden

John Richards

A Province Poised for Leadership

Gifted with resources, Alberta moves toward centre stage

Roderick Fraser

Clearing the Air on Climate Change

A new book goes a major distance but not far enough

John Robinson

The Wisdom of Bones

A novel hunts fossils and finds the human heart

George Melnyk

Demography in the Balance

Is Native population growth on the prairies a positive or negative thing?

Warren Cariou

The Hypocrisy Game

Our athletes work like pros and get treated like children

Douglas Brown

Hard Men and Hard Lives

How the stoical western male ethic falls short of meaning or virtue.

Sharon Butala

Voyage of Discovery

A noted Canadian public servant unearths his Mennonite roots.

Christopher Wiebe

The Prairie and its People

A novel intertwines the struggles of immigrants with the legends of the Métis.

Lynne Van Luven

Raiding the Water Bank

We need policy changes to protect our most prized resources.

Robert Sandford

Home-Grown Talent

A critical anthology, past due, of Canada’s best cinema artists.

Clarke Mackey