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Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

A Larger Role for Unions

Organized labour may be shrinking but the rhetoric is still upbeat

This United League

Will not die, will not perish

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September 2012

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Sabrina Scott. Sabrina Scott is a professional illustrator and amateur herbalist living on the third floor of an old Victorian house in Toronto. In her work she explores indigenous spiritualities, magic, ethnobotany, technology, patterns, textures, folklore, fauna and everything in between. Her work can be seen at

An Unexpected Water Crisis

Canada’s changing climate means more droughts, floods and storms—along with less ability to predict them

Robert Sandford

The Fight of Her Life

A firebrand journalist wages war with her newspaper and herself

Rona Maynard

All Is Not Vanity

The rise of literary self-publishing

Rick Archbold

Learning How to Learn

Why changing one’s brain may be easier than changing the education system

Peter Chaban

Finding a Canadian Refuge

A liberal gay man can’t avoid estrangement from his beloved Yemeni family

Karim Alrawi

Pandemic Politics

How the Spanish flu changed our approach to public health

Heather MacDougall

Blond Bombshells

A selective, violent epidemic exposes our obsession with beauty’s dark roots

Barbara Sibbald

Jack and Jill, Over the Hill

A widower’s misadventures after 50 years of marriage

Larry Krotz

Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis

A trip to the 1904 World’s Fair opens the door on Canadian women’s journalism

Sandra Martin

Hunting for Body Snatchers

Seeing communist propaganda everywhere in Hollywood, the FBI helped drive America’s Red Scare

Mark Langer

Bennett Revised

A review of In Search of R.B. Bennett, by P.B. Waite

Christopher Pennington

From Woodsworth to Layton

The defining figures—and paradoxes—of Canada’s Official Opposition

Frances Lankin